Welcome to Xebian!

The goal of this project is to make an Xfce Debian based system that is much like Xubuntu.


  • Based on Debian Unstable/sid. (Is Unstable right for me?)

  • Uses Xfce as the desktop environment.

  • Modified default configuration, inspired by Xubuntu, to give you a traditional desktop look and feel.

  • With Greybird and Elementary Xfce icon theme from the Shimmer Project for Xfce integration.


Q: Is this a derivative of Debian?

Xebian most closely resembles a Debian blend, with only a thin layer for artwork and configuration that differs from Debian. No Xfce components "jump ahead" in Xebian and all packaging work is done as part of the Xfce team.

Q: What installer is used within Xebian? Does it have a live desktop?

Xebian comes as a live image, and while initially Xebian used debian-installer we’ve decided to follow the Debian Live team in switching to Calamares.

Q: I’ve locked myself out of the live session, what’s the default password?

live-build sets the username and password, at the time of this writing the username is 'user' and password is 'live'.


This ISO was last updated April 2nd, 2024


Development builds

You may also find development builds in the staging area. These builds should not be considered production ready nor utilized to install a production system.


#xebian on the Libera IRC network.